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FTL/LTL Transport services

Full truck and part loads across whole Europe Union


Our transport activities are based primarily on our own fleet, which we expand year after year. When reliability is on stake, we rely only on new vehicles.


Thanks to the simple structure of our company, we manage to operate the problems common to large corporations. Open minded and ready to brainstorm we  look for solutions together with our clients.


We are  transport passionates with several years of experience in the industry. By ordering our services, you can count on our full commitment.


All our vehicles meet the highest European combustion standards – EURO 6, thanks to which we reduce exhaust emissions to the environment.


We realize that time is one of the most important factors in this industry. Together with the safety of the cargo, it is our absolute priority.


All our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking, thanks to which we constantly keep eye on your goods from the moment of the pick up till it reaches its destination.

Transport is our passion.

Each completed shipment and a satisfied customer is our fuel for further work.

Clients are our partners, we do not close ourselves to their needs after working hours, on public holidays and non-working days.

Choosing us as your transport services provider,  you can be sure the job will be done and excellent information flow will be maintained. Commitment, flexibility and the ability to react quickly set Isalscy apart from its competitors.






Valuable Goods






Every week, we carry out several dozen of shipments having their destination in various parts of Europe. We deliver goods from the foothills of the Swiss Alps to the rainy and windy regions of northern Scotland.

We specialize in deliveries to France, Switzerland and Great Britain, as well as to the Benelux countries and Germany. We also regularly run to the Baltic regions and Scandinavia.

We also have a fleet of LCV vehicles, thanks to which we support our  customers in the case of time-critical shipments and shipments subject to strict GPS tracking.

Advice and deliveries to Amazon


We serve clients from the e-commerce industry in terms of of full truckload shipments to Amazon®. As a carrier associated with NMFTA, with a SCAC® number, we reach out and help customers in the process of advising  and timely deliveries to Amazon warehouses throughout Europe. In 2020 alone, we completed several hundred of such deliveries.

Dangerous Goods – ADR


As part of our offer, we also carry out the transport of hazardous materials – ADR with the exception of ADR classes I and VII (explosives). Our drivers have up-to-date training in applicable safety and conduct rules, and our fleet is equipped with the necessary protective and signaling measures required by law.

We also transport hazardous materials on routes that require sea crossings.

The company is annually accounted for all ADR transports by the DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) supervising shipments.

Waste carrier – A-sign


Our fleet is adapted to transporting waste with the “A-sign” in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain. In addition to the standard curtain type semi-trailers, we have a walking floor semi-trailer for the transport of loose waste. We specialize in the transport of paper waste.

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